Allen & Heath – Xone:92 Limited Edition

  Crafting Luxury for the Legends: Custom Vinyl Cabinet for Allen & Heath Xone:92 Limited Edition Mixer We are honoured to showcase our collaboration with Allen & Heath, a pioneer at the forefront of Britain's illustrious mixer legacy. Originating amidst London's vibrant music scene in 1969, Allen & Heath emerged as the go-to craftsmen for iconic bands of the era, including Genesis, Pink Floyd, and The Who. Fast forward to the present day, Allen & Heath continues to dominate the global stage, touring with modern sensations like Lewis Capaldi, Bring Me the Horizon, and Billie Eilish. Their range of mixers remains a staple in the arsenals of gigging bands, rental companies, houses of worship, broadcasters, studios, and DJs worldwide. In a testament to our shared dedication to excellence, we were privileged to collaborate with Allen & Heath in crafting a bespoke vinyl cabinet for their esteemed Xone:92 Limited Edition 4+2 Channel Analogue Mixer. Handcrafted with precision and care, our custom cabinet features our signature floating isolation amp shelf, meticulously designed to enhance the audio experience while safeguarding the integrity of your music. Adorned in our exquisite teak finish from the Scandinavian redwood range, this cabinet not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of your studio or venue but also serves as a testament to the seamless fusion of craftsmanship and innovation.   For those seeking the ultimate in audio perfection, the Allen & Heath Xone:92 Limited Edition Mixer paired with our bespoke vinyl cabinet promises an unparalleled sonic journey. Dive into the heart of sound and discover the epitome of luxury with this exceptional collaboration. Learn more about the Allen & Heath Xone:92 Limited Edition Mixer at
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