Our Story

Lagom Studio was launched in 2019… however our passion for woodwork and minimalist design is something which has been around for as long as we can remember.

If we had to pinpoint the starting point, we’d have to say it all began in Storfors, Sweden.  It was here where we spent many holidays visiting relatives surrounded by a vast lake and breath-taking Redwood forests. Our uncle introduced us to the magic of woodwork: beginning with the harvesting of a carefully selected tree, through to milling the wood and eventually crafting it into a beautiful piece of furniture. All in a tiny workshop by the lake.

This formative experience took us both down creative routes: with Chris pursuing a career in graphic design and mid-century furniture sales and Harry becoming a clothing designer and photographer. However, the dream of becoming furniture designers never seemed to fade away and we would spend all of our weekends and free time back in the workshop. This is how Lagom Studio first began… Now we can proudly say that our dream is now our reality and we are both able to earn our living doing what we love.

The minimalist style of Scandinavian furniture and the aesthetic of interior design in this part of the world has always been appealing to us; it brings us a huge sense of nostalgia and joy. For this reason, it has inspired much of our design work. Whilst we design and make all kinds of furniture, we are both avid vinyl collectors and this combined passion means that bespoke vinyl cabinets has become the forefront of what we do.

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